Coral (by Google) is an on-device AI toolkit designed to support engineers and prototypers in bringing ideas from prototype to production. It consists of hardware components, software tools, and documentation that allow for running ML models offline, keeping data out of the cloud. 

We launched Coral's public beta in March 2019, with general availability in May 2019.
As the visual design lead on Coral, I provided creative direction on developing Coral's brand identity and led visual design across all UX touchpoints, including design language across all products. I collaborated closely internal
stakeholders and our UX researchers on agile research studies, and led our team of talented designers in building out comprehensive UX guidelines, which covered all aspects of the product experience and empowered the larger team to effectively scale our work. 

Product family photography by Andy Rogers.

︎︎︎ Above: Coral website, January 2020. View the live site at

︎︎︎ Above: a peek at our beta website build, July 2019.

︎︎︎ Above: I worked closely the team to align on launch content strategy and information architecture (IA). I also developed the IA and wireframes for the full site, guiding our partner agencies on implementation.
︎︎︎ Below: developing Coral's illustration style with our talented illustrators.

︎︎︎ Above: Example projects built with Coral (bird feeder and Teachable Sorter).
︎︎︎ Below: select examples of Coral's brand guidelines.