Products for a more thoughtful home

At Nest (now Google Nest), we aimed to build an ecosystem of products that would anticipate user needs. I led design on multiple cross-platform features, including how products should behave when you're home vs. away, and how to accommodate various living scenarios. I also designed early explorations into future products.

Family Accounts

When the Nest app launched, it only supported one account per home. Users who wanted to give someone else access to their Nest products had to share their account and password. The introduction of Family Accounts redesigned that experience and accommodated multiple users sharing a home together, as well as different types of access (babysitter, dog walker) and support for new products like the security system, Nest Secure.

Home & Away

A core feature that determines what Nest products should be doing, depending on whether people are at home or away. Logic and overall user experience were reworked to support a new security system, Nest Secure.

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