Social Broadcasting

Teague and Intel Labs collaborated on a seven month exploration of social broadcasting in today's melding of public spaces and digital communities. We designed and developed Billboard, an experimental working prototype, to test our initial assumptions in the wild.
We incorporated various methods of agile user research, including in-field observation, expert interviews, and "un-focus" groups to understand the impact of Billboard's social broadcasting.

We beta tested Billboard at The Feast, Turnstyle Studio, and the University of Washington.
Billboard made its public debut at IDF13 and CES 2014, and was an IxDA finalist.

In addition, we filmed and produced two short videos to evangelize our work within the larger organization. The first, Billboard Vignette, is a mini narrative illustrating the concept's ideal user experience.
The second video serves as a summary of the pilot testing in New York and Seattle. To wrap the project, I designed a booklet to share our process and insights with stakeholders across Intel Labs.